• When Your Child Suffers a Sports Injury, Katy ER Doctors Are Here 24 Hours a Day

    on Nov 29th, 2018

A sports injury can happen to just about any child playing any sport, even if they’re wearing all of the right protective gear. The Katy Emergency Room team of physicians can evaluate your child’s injury and provide diagnosis no matter what time their game is scheduled.

Whether your child got an ankle sprain at morning soccer practice, experienced a hard collision during an evening football game, or tripped during after-school basketball practice, the Katy ER doctors are available for you. The offices are open 24 hours a day to address any emergency concerns.

What types of injuries are considered an emergency?

Usually, you know when a sports injury is an emergency that can’t wait for the next time your regular doctor’s office opens. Swelling, extreme pain, inability to put weight on a joint, and bleeding are good indications. If your child experiences injury to their neck or spine, a severe blow to the chest, or trouble breathing during play, emergency care is essential.

Head injuries are another emergency that may have less obvious symptoms. If your child experienced a hard blow or fall during play, seek medical care. Common sports in which concussion may occur include football, ice hockey, or rugby.

But if your child falls and bangs their head, but wasn’t wearing a helmet, such as during cheerleading or while skateboarding, they may suffer a concussion, too. Head injuries should be taken seriously and deserve immediate emergency care, even if the initial symptoms seem mild.

Types of acute sports injuries

“Acute” describes an urgent or immediate need to seek medical care. These are opposed to overuse injuries, such as tendonitis, that develop over time and can wait for an appointment with your child’s regular doctor.

Examples of acute injuries include joint sprains (such as the ankle), muscle strains, and bone fractures. Your child may also dislocate a shoulder, knee, or hip and experience extreme pain and deformity at the joint. A cut, scrape, or other abrasion that leads to severe bleeding may need emergency attention for cleaning and stitches. Sports can also lead to tears in soft tissue, such as the cartilage, that deserves immediate care.

In the case of head injuries, children who express a headache following collisions or falls, show drowsiness, have double or blurred vision, or seem more forgetful or foggy than usual may have experienced a concussion and should be brought to Katy ER right away.

Prompt treatment means a faster return to play

Even if you have an injury that you’re not sure is serious, you benefit from seeking immediate assessment and treatment by a doctor. Letting an injury linger or continuing to play through pain can worsen an injury and cause compensatory pain, which delays healing.

Depending on the nature of your child’s injury, it may need a simple dressing, stitches, bracing, or a watch-and-wait approach. The doctors at Katy ER can help you understand your child’s condition so you do best by them and their love of their sport.

Katy Emergency Room, a Village Emergency Center facility located in Katy, Texas, is open for walk-in patients and young athletes 24 hours per day, seven days per week. A private, freestanding emergency room, Katy ER offers all of the same services and care as a hospital emergency room but with little or no wait time.

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