Dental Emergency Treatment

Dental Emergency Q & A * We do not pull teeth, perform root canals or have a dentist on site*

What is emergency medical dental care?

If you have a non-emergent dental issue, such as tooth pain, swelling, or infection we will treat these issues as a dentist would with immediate pain relief and antibiotics as indicated. This will provide the care you need until more permanent measures can be taken by a dentist. 
If you have dental trauma such as a broken or knocked-out tooth, making it to the Village Emergency Centers as soon as you can after your injury, preferably within 30 minutes, could mean the difference between saving and losing your injured tooth.

*We do not pull teeth, perform root canals or have a dentist on site*

Is it time to call for emergency dental care?

If you're worried about a severe mouth injury you or a family member has sustained, it's the right time to call an Village Emergency Centers. Immediate treatment calls for immediate action. Several situations that are considered dental emergencies include:

  • Severe mouth or tooth pain
  • Swelling of tongue, gums, mouth or jaw
  • Dental infection
  • Cracked tooth from trauma or infection
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • A loose permanent tooth
  • Bleeding inside your mouth from your cheeks, gums, or tongue
  • Trauma to your mouth or face
  • Fractured tooth
  • A tear or laceration on your lips

If you chip a tooth, but it doesn’t seem that you may lose the tooth entirely, it may not be a dental emergency. Even so, you can't go wrong by calling an experienced emergency physician at the Village Emergency Centers. They're trained to handle dental emergencies and can compassionately walk you through what to do with your tooth until you can visit the office.

What should I do when my tooth is knocked-out?

Act quickly, and there's a good chance you can save a knocked-out tooth. Put off going to the dentist, and you may be at risk of losing the tooth. In this circumstance, clean both the injured tooth and inside your mouth. Swish warm water around your mouth and rinse the tooth in warm water, being careful to avoid touching the tooth's roots.

Hold the tooth by the crown (the smooth white top portion of the tooth) as you rinse it. If you can, hold the cleaned tooth by the crown and reinsert it into the empty socket. Close your mouth and bite down gently on the tooth, if you can. It might help to bite down on a soft piece of gauze until you can visit one of our Village Emergency Centers in River Oaks, Houston, Katy or League City. Call immediately, or have someone call for you to explain the situation as soon as you can.

If the tooth cannot fit back into the empty socket, hold the tooth in your mouth next to your cheek or keep it in a glass of milk. The moisture will help prevent the roots from drying out. When you're facing a dental emergency call one of our Village Emergency Centers in River Oaks, Houston, Katy or League City for expert assistance.


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    "I went for difficulty breathing and was seen right away. Even during shift change everyone was very attentive and made sure that I was all right."

    Rosie B.
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    "Best emergency care facility for minor services we needed. The staff is knowledgeable in professional medical care and would recommend this location to my friends."

    Priscilla G.
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    "I don't ever want to be in an ER again but if I have to, I will definitely head straight to River Oaks."

    Percy M.
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    "I would recommend this place to anyone with kids! They are the best. Thank you River Oaks staff for taking great care of my little one and alleviating my anxiety."

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    "Definitely the best ER in town. I was here for severe abdominal pain. They saw me within 5 minutes of me signing in."

    Adrianna C.
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    "I visited River Oaks Emergency Center in the middle of the night for medical assistance. The doctor and nurse on duty saw me immediately."

    Kevin N.
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    "I'll go back to this place because they care. Thanks folks for taking care of me when I came by."

    David C.
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    "This place actually helped me to start to heal permanently. I would recommend this place to anyone who asked."

    Kelly H.
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    "Quick and easy! All the staff was so nice to my son and myself. Doctor was also very helpful and I felt he was trustworthy right away."

    Nathaly S.
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    "This place is amazing! And we were treated like we weren't being rushed. Thanks Katy ER for the great service! Definitely recommend this place!"

    Yishay P.
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    "Amazing medical team! I️ had early appendicitis and the nurses and doctor made sure I️ had everything I️ needed and then some."

    Glenda T.
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    "Great staff! Super quick and easy. Clean and comfortable environment. Would recommend to anyone needing a quick doctor visit."

    Mimi C.
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    "Wouldn't think of going to an ER as a pleasant experience but this was the best! The staff was courteous and professional."

    Jessica B.
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    "By far, this is the cleanest medical facility I've ever seen and their waiting room was warm and inviting."

    Kate B.
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    "I came here today with what I thought was a fractured wrist. No wait at all when I walked in aside from the normal paperwork. Staff was very friendly."

    Cameron C.
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